Learn How To Manage Germs

 Wash Your Hands: 
When you enter a family’s home, offer an upbeat greeting, replacing your shoes with slipper socks, then ask to use the bathroom, not the kitchen, and wash your hands immediately.  This practice of hand washing is paramount when dealing with infants!
All Kids Have Germs:
Remember to always sneeze in the sleeve of your arm and do not leave dirty tissues laying around!  Teach children this procedure along with playing the Germ game.  Washing hands and faces after playing indoors and out. Also do so before and after every meal!  Please keep a positive attitude when fighting germs because they are everywhere and simply unavoidable!
Proper Hand Washing Procedure:
Wet hands using warm water, turn off tap, apply liquid soap, wash front and back of hands by rubbing them together.  Include fingers and under your nails and scrub your hands for 20 to 25 seconds.  Rinse with warm water, turn off tap using a paper towel, pat hands dry using a paper towel and then dispose of the paper towels.
Minimizing Germs: 
Minimizing germs throughout the house is a quick easy process if done on a daily basis using disinfecting wipes.  If wipes are not available, use what your client has provided for you.  Should should get approval from your client before introducing a new cleaning product into their home.  Sanitizing toys, books, stuffed animals, computer, etc. will reduce germs. It is extremely important to properly and immediately dispose of soiled pampers and items with blood on them such as bandaids!  The bloody items should be placed in a plastic bag and tied tightly.  Bloody clothes can be soaked or washed immediately and remember to wear gloves when dealing with blood!
Food Handler’s Procedures:
Strictly adhere to expiration dates on food.
Constantly be aware of the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer!
Always monitor the length of time food is left on the countertop.
Be sure to thaw and cook food correctly.
Following these steps help keep germs and bacteria from growing on the food that you are eating!
Enid Photo
Enid Karrenberg
Enid was a preschool teacher on the East Coast for over 15 years and gained incredible experience and expertise in that field. With over 60 Early Childhood Education units, Enid brings both formal education techniques and personal experience to her nanny families. She loves and has worked with children of all ages but forms a special connection to toddler and school aged kids. She attributes that bond to her silly personality, creativity, spontaneous ideas and ability to get on a child’s level.

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