What Do You Actually Do as a Nanny?

I love when people say to me “I’ve never met a REAL nanny before! I thought those were only in the movies!!”  Then it turns to “What do you actually do? Are the kids brats? Are the parents even around? Are you treated like the help?!”  It’s pretty funny the questions that come up!
Currently I am a nanny/personal assistant and for those of you who are curious:
1. Nannies and all household staff you see on T.V and in movies are REAL!
2. Most families are dual working parents, sometimes it’s just a mom, sometimes just a dad, sometimes grandparents who have taken their grandkids in! <NORMAL> people who need second hands to help out.
3. Yes, I have been in situations where I have felt like “the help” but I’ve been so damn lucky with the families I’ve become a part of and am in touch with every single one of them. They are freaking amazing.
4. I do errand running, groceries, package drop offs/pick ups, dry cleaning, help around the house with projects, cooking when need be…
5. If kids are school age, help with drop off/pick up, homework help, going to and from after school activities. If they are younger, plan weekly activities and projects. Arrange play dates with other families/nannies.
6. Travel. Yep, it happens! No, I don’t sit in coach with the kids while the parents sit in first class sippin’ on bubbly. I’ve been in coach with whole families, first class and on private jets. Where the parents go, we all go.
7. I’ve had some kids who are tough…you just need to keep them busy and know they are freaking loved beyond imagination.
8. I hate to break it to you but most movies really make the household staff look mistreated when it’s just like a big huge family.
So if you’ve ever wondered what the heck I do…there you go!
Oh! And I wouldn’t trade it for a corner office in the sky any day!

~Casey Rishavy, Seaside Nanny Extraordinaire  Casey Rishavy has raised the bar for nannies in Southern California, if not the country!  As our very first nanny to launch the new “nanny of the month” campaign, we feel she is a perfect example for any nanny trying to achieve higher heights within their careers!



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