Why Are Babies So Cute?

57260420Have you ever wondered why babies are so cute? Believe it or not, there’s actually a science behind it all. So, is it the chubby cheeks, that baby smell, or those big eyes? Actually, it’s all of those adorable features combined!

These adorable baby features are called Baby Schema. Scientifically named, Kindchenschema. Proposed by Konrad Lorenz, a German Ethologist, suggests that a baby’s oversized head, large eyes, and a soft rounded shape promote mothering and caretaking in other humans. The cuteness actually triggers the Mesocorticolimbic system in our brain, which identifies a rewarding stimulus (aka the baby). This system in our brains creates the sense of enjoyment, and even the urge to cuddle something. (Aww!)

These evolutionary- rooted responses all work in favor of the baby. Since human babies are incapable of taking care of themselves, they rely on adults or other humans to provide care. So, the more Baby Schema traits the baby has, the more attention and care it is likely to receive. Hook, line, and sinker! Their irresistible cuteness gets us every time!


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Sara Luckham, Social Media Specialist, Seaside Staffing Company


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