Clever Halloween Costume Ideas For The Not-So-Crafty…

Do you have a difficult time coloring inside the lines let alone making your child a homemade Halloween costume that can compete with Tommy’s $300 light up, laser beam shooting, Transformers costume complete with sound effects? WE UNDERSTAND! Sure, you can go to Party City and sort through the Mt. Everest sized pile of picked through costumes and pray that there is something left over that your little one will semi accept as their costume. However, the day will most likely end in tears and you will walk out with 3 “options” and $150 of non-returnable merchandise.

SO I have found a few websites that give step-by-step instructions for making one-of-a-kind costumes for practically no money! And they are easier than they look!

Take a look with your child(ren) and see if anything grabs their attention. They can even help make it! Below are some images to get those creative juices flowing thanks to Parenting and Cafe Mom! Happy costuming!

For the complete list click HERE or HERE


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