10 Fun Fall Activities for Kids to Do in the Backyard

Fall is right around the corner!! The weather will cool down, leaves will change and good ‘ole Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks! Here are some great ideas for outdoor Fall activities from our friends over at Happy Hooligans…Check it out!

Each of the activities described contains a clickable link that will take you to the detailed blog post.

backyard leaf maze and labyrinth activities

Rake up a leaf maze or leaf labyrinth!

corn kernels, fun sensory activity for fall

Pick up some decorative corn cobs for sensory play! This fine-motor activity keeps the hooligans busy for days on end!

fall sensory bin activity for kids

Set up a fall sensory bin using found items and thrift-shop materials.

fall nature activity on a mirror

Fall play on a mirror!  An display of autumn dollar store items is doubly interesting to explore when set up on a mirrored surface.

fine motor chestnut activity for preschoolers

Collect a big bucket of chestnuts.  Kids LOVE shelling them, and then using them for sensory play.

corn and chestnut run activity for fall

A corn and chestnut run will keep little ones entertained for hours!

kids sliding into pile of fall leaves

Make a leaf slide!

Fall sensory activity on a mirror

Set up an invitation to play with sensory materials on a mirror under a canopy of leaves or the clear, blue sky.

dissecting sunflowers in the fall

Explore a variety of harvest items.  The hooligans love dissecting sunflowers!

fall nature table

A nature table laden with gourds, candles, pinecones, bark and other natural element provides loads of discovery and learning.


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