Lathering Up With Sunscreen After Watching This…

We all know the importance of sunscreen. “The sun is bad for you”, “You are going to get skin cancer”, “Did you put on your sunscreen?” These are all things I have heard time after time and to be honest, I never really understood how true they are…UNTIL NOW!

HOLY MOLY! If this video doesn’t make you dive into a bath tub filled with SPF 100 I don’t know what will. Living in San Diego, sunscreen is crucial! The sun is stronger, summer is longer and we are able to spend more time outdoors than other places because of our climate, making it IMPERATIVE that we lather up!

I encourage everyone to watch this and realize that sunscreen really does make a difference and should be used on not only your children but you as well! Let’s save our skin and realize that we only get one so we need to protect it!


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