Soft, Stretchy Play Dough With Only 2 Ingredients!

Some of my favorite crafts as a child were painting, baking and PLAY DOUGH! Holy moly this stuff never gets old. I stumbled upon this recipe earlier this week thanks to Laughing Kids Learn and I am about to go run to the grocery store to try it out! This looks like the easiest, simplest (and yummy smelling) play dough recipe I have ever seen! I would recommend this for ages 2 and up and always with an adult watchful eye. I love crafts that can be done simply by using ingredients we already have in the house! Talk about convenience! 

All you need is:

  • 1 cup cheap-0 conditioner (any brand works!) 
  • 2  cups cornflour/cornstarch
  • Make it colorful with food coloring or glitter! (optional)

Just grab a big mixing bowl and add the cornstarch to the conditioner. You may need to tweak the recipe depending on the brands used, but just keep adding until you get the desired consistency. 

And voila!! You have just created the silkiest, softest and stretchiest play dough ever! Congrats 🙂 


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