Rules for Hiring a Nanny AND a Housekeeper

We have been receiving a slue clients coming to us looking for Nanny/Housekeepers.  Having a staff of ladies coming in and out throughout the week is becoming very unappealing for families and so they are choosing to combine a few jobs into one.  

This is a very doable task, however, there are a few guidelines we feel are necessary to note if this is something you are looking for. 

1) Be realistic.  Sorry folks, no one is able to clean a nursery at the snap of a finger like Mary Poppins.  Trust me, I wish it was possible.  Unfortunately, no can do.  SO, make sure your list of duties is clearly listed and laid out for your Nanny/Housekeeper.  She is going to need TIME to complete everything on the list while also taking care of your little one.   

2) Schedule properly.  We have found a great technique for scheduling is to have the Nanny be strictly “Nanny” for however many days you require, and then have her come in one day and be “Housekeeper”.  This way, all of her attention is set on the task at hand and she is not overwhelmed.  Of course, when she has her Nanny cap on, she will attend to light cleaning and picking up but save the deep cleaning for a day when she can have minimal distractions.  

3) Quality.  Remember, hiring a Nanny/Housekeeper is a COMPROMISE.  This position attracts a different type of candidate.  You will probably not get the same level of education and certifications as a you would if you hired a professional Nanny.  Keep this in mind. 

4) Money.  In the long run, you will most likely be saving money by hiring a Nanny/Housekeeper.  You are combining a few jobs into one paycheck.  However, you must be sure to compensate your new hire properly.  Our average Nanny makes about 18-20 hourly as a part of this agency.  A Housekeeper makes around 25 hourly and a Chef, even more, at 45-65 hourly.  So you want to take all of these numbers into account when discussing money.  We have found that paying around 25 hourly (net) seems to work out well for our families as well as our candidates.  Always, ALWAYS properly take care of your help 🙂 

You are hiring someone to be a member of your family and we understand it can be a major decision and process.  Always ask detailed interview questions and go through the proper security measures to ensure safety and harmony when finding your next Nanny, Housekeeper, Chef etc.  Good luck on the search!! 



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