San Diego Fire Safety

The San Diego wildfire season has begun and boy did it come in HOT.  We are in the midst of one of the driest periods in state history.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by the fires and we send millions of thanks to all of the firefighters and volunteers risking their lives to protect our city.

I have been glued to the TV for the past 48 hours.  At one point there were 9 active fires burning all around San Diego County.  Terrifying!

As San Diegans, we are no stranger to the devastating impact these fires can have and that is why we wanted to post a few tips to keep your family both safe and educated in case of a fire emergency.  There are a few things every family should have at-the-ready when fire season rolls around.

So please, please take a look at these suggestions and try and teach proper fire safety to your little ones because it is ALWAYS better to be prepared, just in case.

  • Have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home.
  • Establish home escape routes with children and go over “stop, drop and roll” drills.
  • Have a bag of irreplaceable items ready to go (photos, hard drives, home videos, documents etc.)
  • Choose a safe meeting place outside the house in case someone gets separated.
  • Always have extra supplies such as bottled water, flashlights, pet food and batteries

Of course, always be safe and have a PLAN.

We send our love to everyone affected by these fires.



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