Positive Reinforcement For Children


As parents, mentors, tutors, teachers, nannies, coaches, older siblings, you name it…we all know the importance of building self-esteem to children when they’re curiosity leads them to experimenting and learning about new things. It is then that it most important to let them know that it is okay to make mistakes, because that is the only way to learn. Positive Reinforcement is incredibly important to help build self-esteem! I recently discovered this resourceful article from Purdue University about Positive Reinforcement and Rewards, written by Rejeswari Natrajan, a Graduate Researcher and Doctor Judith A. Myers-Walls, a Specialist in Positive Reinforcement. Natrajan and Myers-Walls, prepared a “knowledge to go” article that provides excellent tips to parents about using rewards and reinforcement together. Go ahead and give it a chance, you might just take a little something from it and implement it next time you are around a child.

Positive Reinforcement Article:


Check out the genius jar idea at:



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