How Much Screen Time Is Your Child Getting?



The whole “screen time” thing is a very big problem at my house when my partner’s four children are here so I started looking online for articles about video game addition, children, their brains and video games, etc.  While researching the topic of screen time and children, I have found some very interesting stuff, as it can lead to obesity in children, behavioral problems and issues with sleeping patterns.

One of the biggest things I see as a huge issue is with ADHD diagnosed children.  I once had a charge in my care who was obsessed with the games.  His parents had NO problem if he was on for 5-7 hours a time on Saturday or Sunday mornings. This way, they could sleep in and the sibling rivalry and fighting was kept at a minimum with their attention on the screen.  It became so bad that it seemed more and more addicted, dependent, obsessed.

Screen time is an addiction~  Have you ever had your child get off the games and all of a sudden he is bored, throwing a temper tantrum or complaining there is nothing to do?  Compulsive video gaming is a modern-day psychological disorder that experts tell WebMD is becoming more and more popular!!   If the doctor told you that your child had a “disorder” would you continue to feed it by giving your child more of what you know will just make him more “sick”?

Think about hiring a nanny or babysitter or have your child engage in a playdate.  Allowing your child screen time without limits is not really productive parenting!


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