My Opinion of What a New Mommy Needs for Her New Baby!




 Fitted Crib Sheets

 Kids Pottery Barn makes soft yummy ones and they are great quality

Newborn Car Seat

Graco for newbie because the care seat can usually clip from stroller frame into back facing car seat once the baby can sit face forward, BRITTAX!

Stroller (s)


Anything she is lying down in.  There are many, many strollers to chose from, I just think it is a personal choice as well as a financial one.  Strollers can get very pricey!  I think the Mc Claren for umbrella stroller (throw in the trunk, fold up and take to Seaworld) However, you will need a BOB single stroller for daily walks in the neighborhood.  Then you might have to buy various other ones for other things…  you will see!

Sling or Baby Carrier:

Baby Bjorn for sure!!

Wraps are also awesome!

Diaper Bag:

You will get one if not three from your shower, however, I never use a diaper bag because they are incredibly cumbersome and not that important.  Just use your favorite backpack and make sure its stocked with these essential items:


Diaper crème

Empty and clean bottle

Enough powder formula to make up 8 0z of formula (if needed)

Wipes in a plastic bag

Paper Changing Pad liner for changing in a restroom or the car

Extra swaddle

Extra bib

Extra pair of socks

Extra outfit/onesie



Toys and some cardboard books


PAMPERS Swaddlers (yellow packaging) they fit the best and they DO NOT LEAK.  (Huggies leak in a horrible way, especially if the baby has a soft BM or a very loose one!) You will rapidly go through these and be onto size 2 and then to size three in roughly 6 months, however from size three, it usually remains that size for a LONG time, most likely until they are out of diapers.  You can never have enough.

Diaper Disposal:

DAKOR and make sure you buy the boxes of liners also.  They should be on the same shelf.  Also buy several boxes of the blue diaper disposable bags for the stinky ones!

Baby Wipes

Sensitive Wipes (white packaging with green writing)

Baby Facecloths:

 Baby cloth diapers and bibs are really all you need, but you know someone will get you a huge supply for the shower as well!  These are tiny little wash cloths that I have always found to take up space in the drawer, because I never used them…  again, the thin “cloth diapers or Burp rags” are the best, I believe you can find at target in a  package of 3.

Baby Sleepers/PJ’s:

 They can sleep in the rompers that you buy, just buy more of them…  Also when the baby gets older (3-6 months) the GAP has the BEST PJ’s!

SLEEP SACKS!  Get two that are light-weight for summer and two that are fleecy for the colder months

Onsies or Rompers:

I prefer at least (10), however my favorites are from PETITE BATEAU.  However, they are very expensive.  You can get them at Sweet Pea in the Flower Hill Mall on Via de la Valle. 

Baby Outfits: (2-4) for photos or special occasions the first few weeks.  🙂

You will get plenty from your friends, half of which will never make it onto the baby!  These are not really necessary, but you will want some…  The gap had AWESOME stuff for the baby…  just make sure its cotton and washed before you put it on the baby with DREFT!

Baby SocksGap

Scratch Mittens:

 these are fine and you should have a pair or two, however, if you trim her nails from the beginning, you will not need these.  However its important she has no sharp edges on her nails, I can show you how to trim her nails…  many people are nervous about cutting their skin, but you won’t if you do it with confidence!  🙂

Swaddling Blankets: (10) NORDSTROMS

Receiving Blankets: (6)  NORDSTROMS

Newborn Cap: (1-2)

Hooded Bath Towel

Baby Formula: (Even if planning to breastfeed)

YES!  Enfamil Lipil pink label, liquid in can, NOT THE POWDER!! Its better because the baby will not ingest any extra air bubbles by swallowing the foam the powder creates. Besides I am a stickler for measuring out and having bottle already made up in advance!  It is always a good thing to have a packet of powder in your baby bag, at all times.  Make sure you always pay attention to dates on the packaging.

Bibs:  (10 tiny ones) Get the ones that have VELCRO!!  The snaps can be tricky when you can only get it on with one hand!  Remember that you become awesome at doing things ONE HANDED!  You also what to be as quick and effective when the baby is SCREAMING because she is hungry and its ripping your heart out while you are trying to get her bottle ready to feed her!

Baby Shampoo
 and Soap:

Johnson and Johnson or Mustella

Baby Wash

Johnson and Johnson are great for when the baby is older (6 months) but believe it or not, a regular Dove Bar is what the doctor recommended when they are teeny tiny. Mustella is also a great product, but the smell used to get to me after a while.  Again, it’s a preference thing and also see what the Dr. recommends.

Baby Lotion/Oil:

Aquaphor on hand at all times!  Great for extremely dry skin! Aveeno is fine, but make sure she has no allergies!  Johnson and Johnson CORN STARCH

Diaper cream
 DESITIN (original)

Tiny Nail Clipper and an emory board

Baby Brush and Comb

(s):  I do not recommend them, unless they are having a problem with their sucking reflex, they are an outside source for soothing, and babies should be able to self soothe, if needed. 

Baby Tub:  Basic little blue one that they have at Babies R Us, it has the “sit up” option for when the baby sit up on her own.

Baby Swing:

This is a personal preference and usually you will get one for your shower as well.  I like the newer ones that allows you to swing the baby both horizontal and vertical and had the little birdies and butterflies above.  You can get these anywhere, however, Kidsland is also a great place to get all types of baby products. 

Baby Bouncing Chair

Start with the vibrating bouncy chair that she will use until she starts moving (3 months) and gets too big.  Then she spends time in her swing and her upright walker that you can prop her into at around 6 months, when she is sturdy enough.  Lastly,  a “bouncy” apparatus that she can jump up and down with.  While it is a lot of fun, it is really good for muscle building and coordination.

Changing Pad:

Yes, it’s always nice to have a changing table, however if you do not, then the floor always works and its safe.

Changing Pad Cover

(4) Babies R’ Us, They make Terry cloth ones that wash well and have a plastic under liner.

Breast Pump:
  You can also rent them~

Pump storage bags

Breast pads

Breast Feeding Pillow
:  Yes, even if you are not breastfeeding!

Having a Boppy is so handy!!  BOPPY this is a GREAT shower gift have someone buy it for you!!

Nipple cream

Nursing bras


  ADVENT (keep it uniform with bottles) you will also se her transition easier sippy cup with staying consistent.  Make sure to get different sizes (both small and larger bottles) as well as all three sizes of nipples size 1, 2, and 3.

Bottle liners

Baby Monitor

BEBE Sounds Monitor  detects motion with a pad under the crib mattress.  It can me a little annoying at first, but you get used to the clicking and it becomes part of your environment when the baby is sleeping.  YOU DO NOT NEED A VIDEO MONITOR, it will not alert you if the baby stops breathing and you will NOT be able to see it while you are look at your sleeping baby through the monitor.  If you need to see the baby while she sleeps, that is one thing, however, not effective for detecting her breathing and preventing SIDS.

Digital Thermometer

2 kinds I would have in the changing table top drawer: Head Scan thermometer, and Rectal thermometer

Mild laundry detergent DREFT!



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