Nanny Poachers on the Playground & Preschool


Nanny Poachers on the Playground & Preschool

After being a nanny for as long as I have, I love finding articles that have been published that have to do with “Nanny Snatching”.  Nanny snatching is a term used when one mother aggressively approaches an awesome Nanny on a playground, or at preschool drop off and starts throwing a barrage of questions about her relationship with her family and if she might toy with the idea of leaving them to work for her for maybe shorter hours and more pay.

Being an educated, highly energetic, knowledgeable childcare provider, I am easy to spot on the playground, because I am the one who genuinely LOVES what I do and it’s obvious as I am on al the equipment and playing “Barista” with my charges under the climbing apparatuses.  I love my little ones, I am loyal, and I am not leaving.  My children mean more to me than anything because I am not only their nanny. But I am the glue that binds the family together.

Serious, professionals will not consider leaving for we are loyal and forever interested.  Some of my relationships have stemmed over 20 years with some of my charges.  According to Pat Cascio, owner of Morningside Nannies in Houston, “Nannies are very loyal and cannot be stolen if they feel respected and cared about.  If they feel overworked, underpaid they’re going to look elsewhere.”

This comes down to parents and nannies discussing pay and finalizing Salary requirements as well as potential benefits.  As we know families must stay within their budgets, they also need to remember that Nannies need to feel secure in their positions and continuity of care for heir children will follow in a natural progression.

According to Emily Dills, owner of the Seattle Nanny Network, She says she adheres to these guidelines when it comes to her own nanny, because treating the nanny as a member of the household and not an employee is imperative.  She maintains a professional boundary, while at the same time, the nanny knows and understands the value she brings into the household dynamic.   Although the nanny’s job is a position of “service”, it is important to treat her respectfully as a member of the household and not an employee.

So to be an effective family in a nanny’s world, treat her with love, kindness and respect, as it’s the easiest way to keep her away from those parents that are trying to poach your nanny at preschool or the playground.

Dara B. Green

President, Seaside Nannies Inc.

Seaside Nannies Inc. was founded by Dara Green, nanny of 23 years and preschool teacher in the San Diego community. Seaside Nannies has been created to serve the needs of each family and nanny to create relationships that last.



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