Seaside Nannies are AWESOME.

Seaside Nannies is very involved in the community and we are thrilled to share our families and our nannies perspectives and opinions through posting their public testimonials online and on our blogs.  

Here are some more testimonials from some very happy Nannies that have found comfort in finding the perfect fit!  Even in this horrible economy, which is effecting everyone, have faith, things will eventually turn out!


I have been out of a job for about 3 months now. Before I met Dara I was going through 3 other different agencies. When I would go out and interview with other families I was lost.I didn’t know what to expect and I felt so unprepared. Families didn’t have enough information about me and they were left clueless.  Then if I didnt get the first job agencies stopped calling and it was becoming so frustrating. I found the light and met Dara. Meeting Dara for the first time was such a relief. Dara encourages her nannies to prepare a nanny portfolio which contains there bio, highlights, resume, grades, pictures, cpr/first aid, trustline, and other important information that a family looks for. Dara gave me my first assignment, and I felt at ease with my portfolio, which was given to the family to keep. It made the interview process so easy and left us both satisfied. I was able to leave the family knowing all about me, and even felt a perfect connection between us. A week later they decided to choose me to be their nanny. It was a perfect match and I thank Dara for preparing me. Thanks Dara you are awesome!!!!!!!

-Jennifer Lucia


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