San Diego’s BEST Nanny Agencies

Seaside Nannies wants to thank all of our clients and nannies for making 2009 successful!  We continually receive testimonials such as the ones below that confirm what we are doing is awesome for our community.  

If you are interested in finding a nanny through our service, please mention that you saw our blog on Word press to receive a  10% “economic crisis” discount between Now and the end of February 2009.

To all parents looking for a nanny~
My husband and I attend lawschool at USD and are also involved in various extra-curricular activities. Our daughter was born in between semesters, and we have had an increasingly difficult time being able to juggle school and the baby. This is especially so during times of increased effort such as finals or when large assignments are due.
Seaside nannies is the best thing to happen to two law student parents.
With little time and even less trust due to reading cases about what could happen, it was important to us that we worked with someone who had passed a rigorous background check. However, as stated before, with little time it was essentially impossible for us to do any of the leg work to check out candidates. Thus, SN was like a godsend. Dara already has done criminal background checks, reference checks, and she uses the same fingerprinting service as the California Bar Association. Additionally, the candidates she finds are high quality. In fact, we actually had a difficult time deciding who to hire. (Un)fortunately, one of the candidates ended up not being able to work for us for logistical reasons, so luckily the choice was made for us. Words can’t describe the amount of stress and frustration that this service saves you. I literally have no idea how we would have survived without Dara. And did I mention how awesome she personally is? She is an absolute joy to work with, and if we could afford it and she was willing, I think we would have convinced her to work for us because we like her so much. Overall I would highly recommend using Seaside Nannies and especially working with Dara. The whole experience has been positive so far, AND we have been able to maintain all of our activities, the same grade range, and the time we spend with our daughter is all about here. There is no need to worry about whether or not we will be able to be prepared for class or our exams, etc. Our stress level is now only as high as it has to be.
Caitlyn O. Clairemont 






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