Infant Specialist, Night Nanny or Baby Nurse?

All of these wonderful titles for infant related positions offer care to a newborn, directly following the birth and all positions offer extensive knowledge with basic infant care and postpartum care. although the differences are slight, there are differences between all of them, however their knowledge of infant care should be vast and they should be able to answer most of new parent questions.

An Infant Specialist is a specialist highly skilled with infant care, providing knowledge parents, as well as the general care of a newborn baby. Their shifts are usually 12 or 24 hours long and as long as a week to three months following birth.

A Night Nanny’s services work will be specific to providing care for overnight shifts and then they go home in the morning. Their shift usually lasts 10-12 hours at a time.

A Baby Nurse is an LVN or RN and has a degree, will typically provide temporary live in care around the clock and can be called upon for support anytime during the day. Depending on the offered position and the type of infant nanny a family would like to have in their home depends on the hourly amount the specialist will make.

Most of these type of “specialized infant” positions will range from 25-50 per hour, depending on demographic. Some specialists will charge a flat rate depending on how many hours. Los Angeles specialists can make anywhere between $325-$500 per day, while nannies in San Diego will make on the higher end of $325 per day. Many times these types of positions are paid upfront to the specialist at the beginning of the week that is worked.

Seaside Nannies offers placement of temporary Infant Specialists, Night Nannies and Baby Nurses booked in advance. Please call our agency for details.


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