Celebrate Fourth of July with Seaside Nannies!

Stay tuned for many more activities, crafts, projects and cooking fun for children for the Fourth of July!

Bald Eagle Puppet

You will need:

Lunch bag, White Paint, Scotch Tape, or Glue, Black marker, White paper (or googly eyes), Brown paper or felt, Orange paper or felt, Black paper or felt, Feathers. 

This is a really project for the little ones that are ranging in age from 2 to 5, although older children will also have fun making a bald eagle as well!

Cut out the shapes of the beak, claws, tuft of feathers (on head) wings. Have the little ones paint the bottom of the bag white and let it dry. Let the kids place the pieces of the Eagle on with glue, or scotch tape after the white paint dries.

You will see, they all look a little different and all have their own character!

**When you create an art project in an environment for a child, make sure there is always MORE than what you need, as a child may want his eagle to have three wings and not just two! And make sure that you NEVER touch your child’s art project, as you are sending them n underlying message that you can do it better than they can. If you want to do an art project, then I suggest to do your own!

**Remember~ Art projects for children are not only created to help foster emotional growth, promote language skills, work on fine and gross motor skills and build their self esteem. Giving children the tools and the proper environment is only thing you need to do!

Please visit our other blogspot for pictures!





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