Seaside Nannies 4th of July Crafts, Activities and Cooking Projects for Nannies, Parents and their Children!

Summer is HERE!! 

Which means the FOURTH OF JULY is right around the corner!!  Seaside Nannies has put together some wonderful ideas for Nannies, Parents and their Children to get you excited for our Independence Day celebration!

For the next couple weeks, we will be posting wonderful ideas and activities in which are child centered, focusing on creativity in many facets, including physical activity, gross and fine motor skills, artistic endeavors, cooking projects, and dramatic play, all in which will encourage language arts, math and science, music and  movement.  Some projects and ideas might need adult supervision and some projects the children can enjoy all by themselves. 


As we here at Seaside Nannies encourage all mediums in our projects, we understand that Fourth of July has many art projects that use GLITTER as an ingredient.  We ask that it either be omitted, or watched VERY CAREFULLY with children of all ages.  Glitter contains tiny pieces of metal shards.  If the glitter gets into the eye of a child or adult, it can adhere to the eye.  NOT FUN!

Seaside Nannies wishes that everyone has a BLAST this Fourth of July!!



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