Hey Nannies! Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Seaside Nannies!!

I need advice and who better to come to!!! 

The almost 6 year old I look after is having some issues at the moment. She tells her parents she is anxious at and about school. She tells them her teacher is loud and yells and that she wants her mother to stay with her in school so that she doesn’t have to worry so much. 

Now this would be fine if only it was true.  She never exhibits any anxious behavior to me and is very positive about school.  She does well with her peers and does above average work.

I had a meeting with her class teacher this afternoon and the teacher said that she thinks the behavior is really on display fro her parents.  She believes my little charge does not spend enough time with her parents and has told them this.  As you can imagine, this did not go down really well!  The teacher has suggested to the parents do a “nightly diary” with her, and talk positively about her day with her, however, her parents say this is pointless.

I’m sure you have seen this happen in many cases but my little charge has two personalities… one for school and me, as she is calm, quiet, confident, polite and a delight. However when it comes to her parents, she turns into a little lunatic.  Suddenly, she turns into a temper tantrum throwing, attention seeking, whiny, loud and obnoxious needy little thing upon her parents arrival home for the day.

My questions is:  Do I keep trying to work with the parents and offer my suggestions, or do I just let it go and let them deal with it on their own, since they are not heading my suggestions anyway.

I think the world of my little charge and only want her to be happy, but am I worrying too much?

Yours truly,

Nanny Diana



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