Contracts between Nannies and Families

Contracts Between Nanny and Family

Once you have landed the job, you need a document that secures your position and specifically states what your responsibilities are to one another… Yes, Parents most certainly have a responsibility to you as you do to the family! Seaside Nannies specifically has nannies and parents sign a contract to assure there is no room for miscommunication. 

Because we care about our nannies as much as we do about our families, we require the contract is signed by both nanny and family to seal in the family’s guarantee with the agency for a replacement in case things do not work out…Again, Families can also breech the contract and so we make sure that you are protected. If parents breech their contract with the nanny, we do not find them another replacement. 

Here is a little tidbit from nanny life tips that I thought was some good info!

Documenting a Nanny Contract

In many cases, families and nannies seek the extra protection that documentation of a nanny contract could provide. While the nanny contract may not be that legally binding if taken to court, there are some instances in which the contract should protect the interest of both the employing family and the nanny. Immediate termination or resignation, abuse, withholding payment, lapsed insurance policies, and other issues may need to be resolved within a court of law. Because of this, it is important to document the nanny contract. This can be done in a number of ways, including the following: 

If the parties involved are using a nanny agency, the agency should keep a record of all nanny contracts and agreements.
If the parties used a lawyer, the lawyer should have the nanny contract signed and notarized before filing the contract and issuing a copy to each party involved.

If the parties have drawn up the nanny contract without any legal aid, they should sign the contract before a notary public, and each party should be given a copy of the nanny contract.


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